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Elastic architectural coatings are based on synthetic resin emulsions and are formulated with pigments, fillers and additives. After applying a certain thickness (the thickness of the dry film is greater than or equal to 150μm), it will cover small cracks caused by the expansion and contraction (movement) of the substrate. Of flexible functional coatings.

The coating has rich expressive power, strong three-dimensional effect, flexibility, strong plasticity, strong adhesion, scrubbing, acid and alkali resistance, and no fading. It not only has the protective and decorative effects of ordinary coatings, but also has the functions of waterproofing and covering cracks, and antibacterial algae. , Anti-fouling function, and super adhesion; it can effectively prevent the wall concrete corrosion caused by rainwater penetration. (Because the elastic exterior wall paint film has high elasticity, when the wall has cracks, the paint film will be stretched and deformed without cracking and damage. The still intact paint film maintains the original various barrier effects to prevent cracking The wall is directly exposed to the atmosphere. The elastic paint film has barrier properties to various substances (water and other liquids, etc.), preventing various corrosive substances from intruding into the wall, thereby effectively protecting the wall Avoid harm and give full play to its protective function.)

It is suitable for leveling rough base surfaces of cement mortar, sandstone, gypsum board, wood plywood, etc. of various large buildings.

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