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The texture paint was inspired by the different styles of cottages on the Greek peninsula. In recent years, domestic manufacturers have introduced texture paint to the domestic construction industry through technology introduction, which immediately caused a sensation. Enjoy the style from the peninsula.

Texture paint is the real sense of the paint material that is applied to the wall is called texture. The texture paint shows a unique spatial perspective with its endlessly changing three-dimensional texture and multiple choices of personality matching, which is rich and vivid, which is refreshing. And with individual creation to meet the overall decoration style, making the texture paint show its own unique style in the decoration! This new type of art paint brings the smooth era of wall paint into a new era of natural environmentally friendly concave-convex paint. It can replace wallpaper, and it is more environmentally friendly, economical and personalized. The texture coating has no radiation, light weight, and realistic effects. Through different construction techniques, techniques and techniques, it creates infinite special decorative effects. This is the new decorative material that is popular in the market-texture coating.

Texture coatings mainly include elastic texture coatings, dry powder texture, wet paste texture, etc. Different series have different effects. Texture paint is mainly to use special tools to create different shapes and patterns on the wall, making your space more three-dimensional and real and beautiful.

Because of its characteristics, texture coatings are widely used in villas, hotels, offices, country-style real estate, noble residential areas, and are also widely used in indoor pastoral style decoration.

In addition, texture coatings are also used in the renovation of old cities, integrated thermal insulation, surface coating of cement components and various brick-wood structures. Through different gradations of sand mining grains and different construction techniques, a variety of special decorative effects with strong individuality can be formed, giving the building a unique sense of space and history. It is not only suitable for wall decoration of European-style buildings such as villas, but also suitable for wall decoration of medium and high-end residential projects that pursue individualization. At the same time, it can also be decorated with an imitation brick effect, which effectively replaces ceramic tiles, and is safer and more environmentally friendly.

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